What does it mean to be “Design-Led”

In short, it is using design methods to better understand the needs of your customer better & repackaging complex problems in simple solution that leads to insights which can provide a competitive advantage.

The cost of entry into the business world is cheaper than ever & there are more and more business competing for your market share. In order to stay ahead you have to be innovative and solve problems, whether they involve marketing, sales, HR, logistics.

We also live in a world when the user’s experience is king. People expect a certain level of quality when it comes to how things work. This is design.

Design is not just the way it looks & feels. Design is how it works.

Should I be design led if my business is B2B?

As long as the companies you have as clients are not robots and have actual people working for them then yes. The percentage of resources you should donate to this area will vary but if a person experiences your product or service it shouldn’t matter if they work for business or not.

Slack is taking over the business world because they have been so design focussed. People love using Slack and can’t imagine working without it because the creators have thought so extensively about how people communicate.

How do I become a design led business?

Does this mean I have to hire graphic designers, UX designers, production designers, etc? It might do but it is most likely going to be a change in culture and a redistribution of the budget.

Design is, in it’s simplest terms, solving problems. Therefore being a design led business is simply making sure you have the right people who are aware of what and how your customers consume and tailoring a solution that best suits the business.