The Task

47ink was tasked with creating a new logo for Kitchen8, an innovation company working with big brands to help them grow organically.

We established the goals and deliverables of the project with a workshop.

Moodboard & Research

Moodboards are a very important part of the process as it helps us let our client know the types of direction that we are interested in exploring as well get there creative juices flowing. The workshop phase highlighted 4 areas for us to explore in our research: fresh, dynamic, cosmopolitan and fluid.


During the branding portion of this project, many different avenues were explored. This is just a brief selection of some of the many ideas that were developed.

Final Design

The logo-mark resembles the first person view of someone preparing food. The K making up the chefs arms and the two circles, which themselves make up the number eight, can also resemble hobs, pans or even food.


The chosen colour scheme represents both hot and cold. The red and orange symbolise the cooking of food, flame and heat, whilst the  shades of blue & green represent the calm and organic side of cooking.

3D Imagery

After much forethought, we decided on using 3D imagery comprised of the individual elements of the logo. This concept had great flexibility and let us explore some abstract concepts that linked the world of business to the kitchen.