CG Imagery

Computer Generated Imagery opens up a world of opportunity with ways to showcase your products & services.

We have highlighted below the main categories of images but with CGI, the sky is the limit.


An image that shows the product in its entirety & as clearly as possible. Regularly shot with multiple angles on white or with transparency for added flexibility. Uses include websites, press releases, Amazon, supermarkets, catalogues, etc.

Hero Shot

This is an image designed to evoke an emotion. Creative lighting and camera angles can be used to highlight a feature, such as the craft of the product, the build quality, the attention to detail etc. Uses include advertising, marketing, social media campaigns, website hero images, banners, exhibitions, signage, etc.

Creative Shot

This is where the story-telling aspect comes to the fore. A good creative shot is commonly part of a wider campaign with a consistent and coherent message. Often focusing on a particular feature in order to really capture the consumer’s attention.

Range Shot

A self-explanatory shot that can show a full range of products. Once created, this can easily be updated with new variants as they come out. The style of this shot can be more like the Packshot or more creative if required.

Exploded View

A very popular shot, especially in the tech industry. With consumers becoming more and more technically aware, it gives them get a better idea of how the product is made. Creative license is often taken with these images by simplifying the components to make sure the consumer is engaged and not overwhelmed.

Animated Products

There are various options when it comes to creating an animated image from a simple “turntable” shot to a full product movie. You can see some examples below but, ultimately, the world is your oyster!

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